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Website Optimization: 4 ways to use web design to improve website conversion.

Businesses rely on their website to generate leads in some way or another, or at least they should as a website can and should be one of your primary sales tools. Depending on the kind of website you use, your website could be built for lead generation, increasing your online authority, or making online sales. If your website does none of these things it may well be time to take a take a closer look at your business strategy and start to take steps to optimize your websites ability to convert leads into customers.

A good place to start is looking at your current websites design and finding some easy ways to help with conversion. If you have elements of your website that turn off potential customers this will impact your websites effectiveness. With a little focus on website design you may be able to see some benefits in the amount of leads you get from your website.

1.  Highlight your Calls to Action

It is your websites job to assist your users by leading them to actions you would like them to take. By writing clear and concise Calls-to-Action (CTA) you will more easily show your visitors what they need to do in order to become a customer. A common call-to-action is “Add to Cart” or “Get a Free Quote” button that will allow them to make a decision.


2.  Give Users less options

This one can be counter intuitive in some respects. However, it has been shown plenty of times in studies that when people are presented with too many options they have a more difficult time making a decision. By limiting choices you are giving them a more clear path to make a choice which will in turn help with your websites conversion rates.


3.  Website speed

Let’s be real here, people want what they are looking for quickly, a slow loading loading page is a sure way to get potential customers to get frustrated and back out to the next option. Website load times are also now a part of Google’s ranking algorithm, making a fast loading website very beneficial and nearly a priority. Given the rate that people are using mobile devices it is best to keep your website lean and fast. A premium hosting solution can make a big impact of load times as well.


4.  Responsive Web Design

Responsive web design has been around for nearly a decade now and is a industry standard at this point. Again, with the rise of mobile users it is extremely important to have a website that responds to any given screen size in order to make for a streamlined user experience both on desktop and mobile. Google has also started implementing responsive design into ranking factors as well, so responsive design is beneficial for both search engine optimization and better conversion rates.

Taking the time to optimize your website conversion rate can have a major impact on business objectives. By finding ways to implement these things into your company’s website you can begin to see some beneficial results in your websites conversion.


If you would like some help in finding ways to improve your website’s conversion rate, we offer full website audits that help boost your websites effectiveness when it comes to generating more leads and growing your business. Click here to have us take a look at your website design project.

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