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Website Audits: Can they Improve Your Website And Increase Traffic?

A proper website audit Service can Improve your visibility, site structure and traffic.

A well built website can be a very powerful marketing and branding component for modern businesses. It can assist in finding new leads, sharing fresh content, converting potential customers in to buyers, and vastly increase the effectiveness of your marketing strategies.

Once a website stops functioning well or even giving the needed results, a proper website audit can be very useful and even critical for your digital marketing plans. It’s relatively similar when it comes to redesigning an outdated website as well.


What exactly is a website audit.

A good website audit will deep dive into the various elements that makeup the overall structure and performance your website or ecommerce store in order to determine just how efficiently it is working while also identifying any structural maintenance that could be essential to improve the websites overall performance and how customers are interacting with it.


Who needs a website audit

If you are a business that operates a website and you have never had an audit, well then you might very well be a candidate for an audit as your website could likely benefit greatly from an audit.

The fact is that whether your business is serving ten customers a day or thousands every month, a website audit will be able to identify problems that could help increase your conversion rates a great deal and even allow your website be be found quicker as well as make the website easier to browse giving your customers a better user experience.

If you have had a website audit in the past but you are still seeing a drop in your traffic and conversion rates, or worse, your RIO, then it might be time to look at a more comprehensive website audit as not all audits are even remotely similar. Most companies will perform a very basic audit. Some companies perform a very detailed audit. If you are only paying $50-$100 for your audit, or worse, just getting a free one, chances are you are not getting a detailed comprehensive audit. Some detailed and comprehensive audits can run as much as $5,00-$10,000 depending on the customer and how competitive their market may be. A proper website audit should take a significant amount of time, and therefore not something to simply be given away. Some companies will use software to run a quick audit that takes them less than 10 minutes, but that will likely not lead to the kind of information that is needed to make improvements and develop legitimate effective strategies you need to actually grow your business.


A Website audit should have the following:

Overall Design and Layout

An audit should show you how effective your website is across all the different devices and platforms out there from desktop and laptop users to tablets and phones. Mobile users, a demographic that should certainly not be ignored by any business, need to have an easy time of navigation and readability as mobile users have grow significantly over the year and tend to have a higher conversion.

Brand elements and color scheme

Having the right color scheme and brand elements is fairly important. It is vital that your using them consistently through out all your marketing efforts, from your social media sites, to print marketing, to your website.

Website Structure

A poorly designed website structure can quickly and easily create confusion with our visitors. When the proper strutter is not in place for a website it creates havoc on two important levels. You risk your customers getting frustrated and simply leaving to find a new or different product or service. Secondly the Google search algorithm is highly reliant on proper structure in order to help them serve up the best results for their customers searches. A website audit is crucial for detecting poor structure which can have a very large impact on a website effectiveness.

Off-Site Visibility

Search Engines, social media platforms, and other website sites can often result in a good amount of referral traffic to your website. If your website is lacking good visibility from these other sites, it is very likely you may be missing some opportunities for new visitors.

SEO Performance

A detailed website audit will determine how well your current website ranks organically within search engine results. It looks how many keywords your website currently ranks for, keyword density, how competitive your market is, domain authority, sees if your thin on content, how quickly your website loads, and many other factors that directly influence the performance of your website in search results.


What to do when you think you might need a website audit.

If you realize that your website or ecommerce storefront could benefit from a detailed website audit, the first step is to find a reliable website auditing service that should be able to provide a very detailed report on the overall health of your website along with sound digital marketing recommendations to improve its performance. We would be happy to take a look at your website and see if there thing that can be done to improve your websites overall performance in design and marketing successfulness. Contact us today for your own website audit.

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