Firelight Interactive is a specialized graphic + web design company.
Our focus is on building custom interactive brand solutions.

Targeted Websites

We build websites for your audience.  We look at ways to connect with your target market in order to effectively communicate your brands message.  We have developed a very structured and efficient process for getting your website more traffic.

Good Branding

Branding is important.  There are many elements that must be a part of the foundation of your business’s branding. If you lay your foundation properly, you will begin the life of your business with a well-rounded, comprehensive, effective identity, and one that is sure to succeed.

Mobile Websites

It’s time to think mobile.  Wifi is everywhere, the internet is in our homes, our cars and palm of our hands .  People are connecting now more than ever with a mobile device as their primary access to the internet.  We can help you reach a wider audience with mobile-friendly web design.

About Us

Our primary focus is design for brand identities, and creating strong and consistent brand identities for our clients. We pride ourselves in the design craftsmanship that goes into each company we work with. We believe that strong design is essential to the success of any business large or small.

  • Crafted with care

    We put a lot into your website so you can get a lot out of it.

  • Built for mobile

    We can build a website that will perform well across all mobile devices.

  • We can help you sell

    We offer eCommerce solutions that will help you sell your product.

  • Local Search + SEO

    We can help your business get more visibility online through search marketing.