Astronaut Foods

Project Overview

Astronaut Foods is the original source for freeze-dried astronaut ice cream. You can find their unique retro treats in toy shops, outdoor stores, amusement parks, and museums across North America, Europe, and Asia.

Astronaut Foods has been a big name in the freeze-dried foods industry since they began in 1974. Recently, they’ve been earning nationwide acclaim and were even featured on Colbert Report.

Firelight Interactive was brought in to modernize the website, add intuitive, user-friendly eCommerce capabilities to the website and make the Astronaut Foods online presence more modern, engaging and easy to navigate.

Firelight Interactive was tasked to improve the look and feel of the Astronaut Foods primary website. We worked closely with the marketing department to gather information and figure out who the target audience was and how best to reach them. The final outcome was a fun playful combination of astronaut imagery and freeze-dried ice cream used in clever and unique ways through graphically intensive photo manipulations to create surreal out of this world website design!