Project Overview

SUP21 is a forward thinking company looking to compete in the very popular Stand Up Paddle Boarding industry. Their focus was selling the inflatable SUPs in order to cater to the part of the industry that placed value on portability and ease of use.

At SUP21 they have a firm commitment to education, stewardship, safety, and fun. The companies philosophy is that every day they are blessed to be out paddling is another day they have the chance to teach others, promote stewardship of our oceans and National Parks, and help people safely discover an exciting sport that they can grow into for years to come.

SUP21 hired Firelight Interactive to help them build their brand from the ground up. Everything from Logo Design, to Advertising, to a full eCommerce website solution.

For SUP21 we thought it important to begin with a strong foundation. So we began with creating a logo that really captured the essence of what they offered and what they were all about. Firelight Interactive worked with the client to determine a strategy for their brand. We sought to learn all we could about what they were offering, how the were different within the market and ways to set them apart in order to deliver a solution that would allow them to accomplish the business goals they set up.

Once the logo was created we had all we needed to continue developing the brand and carrying it over to the eCommerce website. Through the use of amazing imagery and colorful action shots to help tell their story we were able to keep their marketing message on brand and provide a easy to use shopping cart system that allowed their customers to pick and choose the right product for them.