Kristy Gingerich Music

Project Overview

Kristy Gingerich is a uniquely talented musician with an amazing voice and a dream to put out a message that is deeply important to her.

“From the time I was a child all I wanted to do was sing and it always brought a deep sense of joy. Though alone in my room, it seemed as if I was sharing those moments with a bigger audience.”

Kristy brought in Firelight Interactive to help her develop a seasoned brand and marketing message to match her passion for music and more so the message behind it. 

We worked closely with Kristy to capture a logo that she was looking for and matched it to a beautifully design website that utilized the photography of an immensely talented photographer out of Denver Colorado, Darren Mahuron. Together we were all able to create a cohesive brand that told a story and brought her music and message to many people. 

When we learned of the opportunity to work with a talented photographer we knew this was going to be a fun project. We had already met Kristy and got to listen to her music and we were blown away by the quality of the recording and talent she portrayed in a very well produced music video. It was our job to take all the amazing work that had been done to that point and work with Kristy to create a solid brand with an effective and engaging story.

This process began as always with strategy and planning meetings where every aspect of the new site was thought out and documented. The photography was planned and executed to perfection. Once all the pieces we in place, we simply applied our high end design principles of our branding standards to create a custom crafted, beautiful look for the website.