Boynton Dental Studio

Project Overview

Boynton Dental Studio is one of Firelight Interactive’s oldest clients. We actually built a Flash website for them in the mid 2000’s if that says anything. Our latest process came after the original site we did, while amazing for the time turned out to eventually become outdated as all things do on the fast moving apparatus know as the world wide web do it a matter of a half a decade.

Owner and Director of the Boynton Dental Studio, Dr. Elan Salee, has been providing the highest standard of dental care for over 20 years. Dr. Elan Salee is well versed in all modalities of dentistry as there is rarely an out of house referral for any procedure.

The primary reason we love working with Dr Salee is his dedication to his craft. Every industry has every level of talent. When it comes to dentistry Boynton Dental looks at it as nothing less than an art form, and that is something we can fully appreciate. 


We are extremely proud of the work that resulted from this particular project. Boynton Dental Studio’s new brand is sophisticated, timeless, and simple with some room for a little bit of fun as Dr Salee does enjoy keeping his patience entertained as well as giving them a perfect smile. The color scheme we used is fairly simple and a little bold. We provided a simple yet easily recognizable logo that kept the brand message strong and to the point.

We also designed letterhead, stationery, and business cards for BDS. The website we developed was simply an extension of the same simple, bold and timeless branding elements we used for the logo. We are also proud to say that Dr Salee was so pleased with his branding and website he has been extremely helpful in providing multiple referrals for more work in related fields.